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Darren Wood, Architect and Lead Developer of InfiniteGraph

 Darren  Wood

Darren Wood is the Architect and Lead Developer of InfiniteGraph, adistributed graph-oriented data management solution from Objectivity Inc. Darren has spent the majority of his career architecting and building distributed systems with an emphasis on elastic scalability and data management.

Prior to joining Objectivity in 2007, Darren held positions as a Senior Consultant with IONA Technologies and a Development Team Lead for Citect Australia. Darren holds a First Class Honors Degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

Presentation: "Processing Massive Graphs for Relationship Discovery"

Time: Wednesday 10:35 - 11:35

Location: Concordia Room

Abstract: The graph is becoming one of the most important data analytics tools in modern application platforms. As we move into an era with larger, more complex datasets than ever before, we are seeing the emergence of graph databases. This new generation of NoSQL databases are designed specifically for storing data relationships as first class citizens and allowing efficient graph traversal. Storing data natively as a graph unlocks the power of relationship analytics for social applications, fraud detection, business intelligence and more. This presentation will discuss how to store and manage your data as a graph using InfiniteGraph, a leading high performance distributed graph database.