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Eishay Smith, Director of Engineering at Wealthfront Inc.

 Eishay  Smith

Presentation: "5-minute Commit-to-Production at Wealthfront: Continuous Deployment to Production 50 times a day"

Time: Wednesday 14:05 - 15:05

Location: Stanford Room

Continuous deployment (CD) takes "release early, release often" to the limit: as long as the build is green you can push code to production--agility at its best. Companies doing CD safely push code dozens (hundreds!) of times a day, rapidly responding to their customers and reducing their "code inventory". In this talk we will discuss the architecture, tools and culture needed for CD and how your company can get there. For example: creating an effective "immune system" to know what problems are happening; what infrastructure software like Apache ZooKeeper can and can't do, and how to best use it; deployment orchestration techniques to quickly yet safely gain confidence in new code; and more!