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Mike Sutton, Fun Mongerer, WizeWerx

 Mike  Sutton

A project linchpin, Mike Sutton's single mission is to spread joy, happiness and a passion for sustainably delivering the best possible outcomes to the organisations (and their customers) , teams and people he works with.

This often means helping organisations and the people in them to make many small changes that affect every part of their lives.

With a background in software development, Mike is an entrepreneur, lean/agile linchpin (coach, developer, brainstormer), improvisational player, social connector, international human rights lawyer, husband, father and lifelong learner.

He brings this huge range of diverse experiences and skills to his work and community, especially enjoying work that helps bridge cultural differences and improve collaboration. Such work has taken him to such exotic destinations as Malaysia, Tunisia, India and Oman.

Mike loves the agile community and its willingness to embrace new ideas. He is a co-founder of the Agile Coaches Gathering UK and the ScrumFest unconferences.  He especially loves agile games that delight and teach simple lessons.

He regularly presents, shares ideas and conspires to cause mischief at conferences.

An avid tweeter and less avid blogger, Mike can be followed @mhsutton or emailed at mike.sutton@wizewerx.com

Presentation: "Cliff Jumping for Amateurs and Other Illuminating Stories"

Time: Thursday 14:05 - 15:05

Location: Olympic Room


Ponder these questions for a minute:

1) What happens when the CTO of a company withholds critical information from the board about timescales on a business critical development potentially costing $100 million?

2) How  do you resolve tears and a potential fracas at a retrospective?

3) Why jumping off a 35ft cliff is a great idea for an agile team?

4) What to do when 1000 new people are joining your agile transition every year across 3 continents?

In this delightful, funny and highly illustrative talk, Mike Sutton will share his experiences as a coach and leader of lean and agile transformations at a number of organisations in different parts of the world and across different cultural divides and cuisines.

Come, learn, laugh and share in his tales of woe, the stories of success and discover what was learnt and , more valuably, the techniques he used to gain such insight.