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Robert Sedor, Lead Architect, Pitney Bowes Engineering

 Robert  Sedor After leaving the army in 1992, Robert has consulted in software product development and software product architecture.  Robert has an interest in software craftsmanship and has worked on and led several large scale C++, .NET and Java development teams.  The last few years, Robert has been leading the architecture and development at Pitney Bowes on their core business product utilizing XP principles with a diverse and distributed team using C++, Java, Qt, Webkit, and other open source tools.

Presentation: "Inter-disciplinary Design in a Large Organization Context"

Time: Friday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: City Room

Abstract: How does an organization coordinate design with geographically dispersed teams, competing lines of business, differing development cultures, and a mixture of processes?  This is the tale of how an interdisciplinary development organization makes daily decisions in the context of a  multi-billion dollar product line and how they manage design criteria held by different engineering groups: electrical, software, and mechanical engineering, all while navigating and coordinating governmental requirements and internationalization for the product in 65 markets.