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Subbu Allamaraju, Web and REST pragmatist

 Subbu  Allamaraju Subbu Allamaraju is an architect working for Yahoo!, where he oversees developer-centric application platforms and design of RESTful web services. He has been involved in designing and developing infrastructure for distributed systems over HTTP for a number of years. He co-authored numerous books on JEE, and is currently co- authoring a "RESTful Web Services Cookbook".

Presentation: "Do you do REST?"

Time: Wednesday 14:05 - 15:05

Location: City Room

One of the common answers we hear is "we don't do pure REST." As we continue to learn and apply the principles of REST, its applicability to traditional integration patterns involving discovery, contracts, extensibility, transactions, interoperability remain unclear. Concepts such as hypermedia also continue to be confusing in the real world. It is perhaps time to pause and reset and take a fresh look at these problems. This session will present some challenges in managing large decentralized systems and when and how to take advantage of various aspects of REST.

Keywords: REST, REST Constraints, Hypermedia, Interop