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Tim Wagner, Microsoft

No picture of  Tim  Wagner Dr. Wagner is the Director of Development for the Visual Studio Ultimate team, which delivers tools for modeling and understanding code architecture, debugging, and performance diagnostics. His previous roles at Microsoft include development manager for the Visual Studio platform team, where he was responsible for renovating the VS shell, editor, and project systems using agile teams to make significant changes to a large, legacy codebase. Prior to Microsoft he lead the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project and was Director of Development for BEA Systems Workshop division. Dr. Wagner's research and product experiences have focused on the development experience, from incremental analysis algorithms and static performance analysis to enterprise productivity solutions on both Java and .NET platforms.

Presentation: "Lessons Learned to Lessons Productized at Microsoft Developer Division"

Time: Friday 10:35 - 11:35

Location: City Room


Tim will cover lessons learned (positive and negative) in rapidly extending and renovating a product with a source base of 20 million files, developing internal tools for large scale understanding, refactoring, and diagnostics, and selectively productizing what works. Using the actual development of Visual Studio 10 as a concrete example, he'll cover problems of understanding risks, untangling dependencies, diagnosing runtime behavior, and dealing with complex mixed technology. Pragmatic challenges, such as understanding emergent behavior when multiple components come together and produce responsiveness or memory problems, will be covered, along with a look inside the problems of scale when working in a 50MLOC codebase. Key considerations are how to prioritize refactoring based on risk and benefit, decide what to isolate and what to extend, and incrementally deliver customer value while improving sustainability.