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Tom Enebo, Co-lead of the JRuby project

 Tom  Enebo Thomas Enebo has been a practitioner of Java for over a decade and he is the co-lead of the JRuby project. Thomas has also been happily using Ruby since 2001. In addition to working on JRuby, Tom is interested in improving the state of alternative languages on the Java Virtual Machine. Tom is employed working on JRuby full time at Engine Yard.

Presentation: "JRuby: Apples AND Oranges"

Time: Wednesday 15:35 - 16:35

Location: Olympic Room

Abstract: In today’s software development landscape, programmers have accepted that we do not live in a one-size fits all world.   Java as a language has been our bread and butter, but we need additional options to help us be more productive and to solve problems which do not map well to the Java language.   JRuby, is an ideal companion to Java.  The Ying to Java’s Yang.  Ruby’s dynamic-typing and expressive syntax is a perfect counterpoint to Java’s stableness, while at the same time still feeling familiar to Java programmers.

The primary goals of this talk will be:
- Quick overview of Ruby
- Getting JRuby setup
- How Ruby and Java classes interact with each other
- Some use-cases to demonstrate effectiveness of the Java <-> Ruby as a polyglot solution

By the time you walk away from this talk you should have a good idea of how you can accentuate your existing Java codebase with JRuby.