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Tom Sulston, Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks UK

 Tom  Sulston
Tom Sulston works for ThoughtWorks in London. He is a consultant in the build and release space and loves the whole DevOps thing. He has previously spoken at Agile and XP conferences on continuous integration tools & build pipeline practices. Tom lives in Geneva and spends too much time in airports.

Presentation: "Doing BDD with Puppet and Cucumber"

Time: Wednesday 14:05 - 15:05

Location: Cornell Room

Abstract: The DevOps movement is bringing useful developer tools and practices to the operations team. In this session, we look at why behaviour-driven design (BDD) is a useful practice for systems management; how it can be implemented with tools like cucumber-puppet; and some of the common tricks and pitfalls. Warning: this session may contain command-line interfaces, gratuitous TDD, and scenes of mild peril.