Presentation: "Cloud Computing at Google"

Time: Friday 11:40 - 12:30

Location: Grand Ballroom A


Google operates one of the largest computing infrastructures on the planet, in service of some of the world's largest customer-facing web properties.  Through the Google App Engine platform, and through the infrastructure services of Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, etc., significant components of Google's computing infrastructure are now available to external applications.

This session will delve into the pieces of the Google technology stack which enable these services, including BigTable, Megastore, Dremel, virtualization, etc.  It will also explore Google's hard-won design principles for building and maintaining highly-available planet-scale applications in the cloud, including isolation, failure tolerance, testability, and security.

Randy Shoup, Google Cloud Computing

 Randy  Shoup

Randy is a 20-year veteran of Silicon Valley, with experience across real-time eCommerce systems, large-scale data analysis, and business intelligence. He gives regular presentations on distributed computing and infrastructure scaling at industry and academic conferences.

Prior to Google, Randy was CTO and Co-Founder at Shopilly.  Before that, Randy was Chief Engineer and Distinguished Architect at eBay, where he led architecture, design, and implementation of eBay's real-time search infrastructure.

Earlier, he was Chief Architect and Technical Fellow at Tumbleweed Communications, developing messaging and email security systems for financial institutions and large enterprises. He has also held a variety of software development and architecture roles at Oracle and Informatica.

Twitter: @randyshoup