Sponsor Information

On this page you find all the practical information you need as a sponsor of and/or exhibitor at QCon SF 2012. If you have any questions at all please contact: 

Exhibitor Logistics: Sandi Vargas, sandi@c4media.com
Contractual terms: Roxanne Beverstein, roxanne@c4media.com or Ellen Gould, ellen@c4media.com


Hyatt Regency San Francisco
5 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco
California, USA 94111
Tel: +1 415 788 1234

Exhibition Hours 

  • Wednesday Nov 7, 2012 8:00 AM-6:35 PM 
  • Thursday Nov 8, 2012 9:00 AM-5:50 PM 
  • Friday Nov 9, 2012 9:00 AM-2:05 PM 

Exhibitors are reminded to promote and bring giveaways and/or a prize for the Friday drawing which will help to encourage attendees to visit your booth.

Booth Map 

Grand Ballroom Foyer

Seacliff Foyer 

Exhibitor Receptions 

  • Wednesday Nov 7 at 4:50-5:35 PM in Exhibition Foyer 
  • Thursday Nov 8 at 6:10-6:55 PM Hospitality Suites hosted by Oracle and VMware 

QCon will provide drinks and light snacks for Wednesday’s Exhibitor Reception.

We recommend that you order hors d’oeuvres for your booth as an effective way to increase traffic to your booth and engage delegates. You can order hors d'oeuvres from the hotel attached list of hors d’oeuvres by using this form: Reception Order Form. We recommend that you purchase a minimum order of 175 pieces. Hyatt Regency Convention Services Manager, Michelle Campanelli, can assist you with any orders which need to be submitted no later than October 26. Michelle can be reached at michelle.campanelli@hyatt.com.  

Booth details  

All booth spaces are 8.2 feet X 9.84 feet. The booth space will consist of two high top cocktail tables 30” rounds x 4’ high with two chairs, which we provide. There are no walls surrounding your booth. The venue is fully carpeted, including all exhibition areas.

WIFI Internet and power points will be available.  Please remember to bring any extra power cords or cabling you require.  If you have special needs, please contact Sandi Vargas, sandi@c4media.com


Exhibitors can bring their own booth signage to designate your space such as a rollup-type of banner, as long as it does not exceed your booth space of 8.2 feet x 9.84 feet, as we will not be providing booth signage to allow exhibitors to have the freedom to bring their own special signage.  

Electricity, AV and Internet

WIFI Internet and power sockets will be available in the exhibition areas. Please remember to bring any extra power cords (extension cords and adapters) or cabling you require yourself. If you want to order electrical and any AV needs please fill out this Exhibit Request Form.

If you use floor sockets you will need to ensure that the cables from your lap tops are not in the way of aisles.

Set up and Tear Down

Set Up: Sponsors can set up between 7–8.30 PM on Tuesday night November 6, 2012 ,....or 7-8AM on Wednesday morning November 7, 2012. Registration opens at 8AM on Wednesday November 7.

Tear down: Exhibitors can either tear-down after lunch at 1:30PM on November 9, or can stay in the Exhibition until Conference Closing. You are only allowed to break down during session.

Monitor Rental

If you need to order monitor rental or other A/V equipment, please use this Monitor Rental Form and refer to the Hyatt Regency in house rentals through AVT on the order form.


Onsite registration opens at 8:00 on November 7. You’ll find the registration in the foyer. There will be tables divided by participant's last name. Your badge is non-transferrable and must be worn throughout the conference and at all social events.

Scanning leads

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to scan leads as a list of attendees is not provided to exhibitors. The scanners have been improved providing access to attendee contact information while you meet attendees during the conference.

Every badge includes a QR code containing a vCard with the following information (provided the attendee provided it at registration): Name, email address, title, company name, address, zip code, city and country and phone number.

During Wednesday morning’s first keynote session QCon exhibit staff will remain in the exhibition area to ensure that the scanning devices are working properly.  

There are two options for scanning delegate badges: 

  1. Hand held badge scanner: If you would like to use a scanner instead, we can provide you with this as well. A scanner requires a dedicated laptop that you provide yourself. The laptop must have USB connection and a text program to capture the vCard info. The keyboard must be configured for US-EN before you plug in the scanner and open the text editor.  
  2. Smart Phone: With your own smart phone you can scan the QR code to download attendee information in a vCard format and if you prefer afterwards send the information to an e-mail address you decide yourself. We have tested the QR codes with the Qrafter App (for iPhone, iPod and iPad), QR Droid and Redlaser (for Android), but you can use any QR Reader you find most suitable. This way your company will end up with a number of vCard ready to be imported into your CRM-system. 

Scanning using the hand scanner

A scanner requires a dedicated laptop that you provide yourself. The laptop must have USB connection and you must download, save and open this executable .jar file to capture the vCard info and easily save the information in a spreadsheet. Please read the instructions carefully when you have opened the file to be sure you can capture the QR code contact information right.

Alternatively you can scan directly in a .txt file.  Here you can find a small guide on how to import the scanned leads (vCards) from a .txt file to excel.


By September 3, 2012

1. Solution sessions:

Email the following information to Roxanne Beverstein, roxanne@c4media.com  

  1. The Speaker name, title and e-mail address
  2. The Speaker bio
  3. Headshot Photo (high res., b&w if possible)
  4. Presentation Title and Abstract (70 word description) in a word document

2. Send logos:

Provide with Logos for Print and Web to Sandi Vargas, sandi@c4media.com

  • Print Logo Format (.EPS or AI) Color: CMYK
  • Web Logo Format: .GIF, .JPG or .PNG and URL to link

3.  Send company description:

Would you like to have a small tag line or description shown on the sponsor site together with your logo then send us a description with these specs:

  • 200 Characters (includes letters and spaces) for Platinum sponsors
  • 150 Characters for all other sponsors
By October 15, 2012

1.  Registration 

Register your attendees online. The number and types of passes allotted to sponsors and exhibitors are based upon your contract. Use the following promotion codes upon registration:
  • exhibitstaff (= for your exhibit staff, a standard contract gives you two exhibit passes)
  • If you need more exhibit staff passes than the ones you have contraced for please contact sandi@c4media.com
  • sponsor50 (= Full conference pass, 50% discount on one registration (bronze and silver) and two registration (Platimun)
  • sponsor100 (= Full conference pass, free, only for Platinum Sponsors on two registration): 
Please note: all Solution Track speakers will be registered for you as speakers. 

2.  Send Conference Bag Materials:

Ship 800 copies of your insert, not to exceed 5 cm thick to the following address for inclusion in the QCon Conference Bag. Please print outthis label and affix on the boxes that are sent to arrive no later thanMonday, October 15. Download Shipping Label

Please send materials to:
ATTN: QCon SF Conference
Print Penguin
48503 Milmont Dr.
Fremont, CA 94538
Tel: 510.623.6810 Fax: 510.623.6911
Contact: Truman Ho

The attached packing slip must also be filled out with the on site contact person’s name and cell phone number and included inside your box. Download Packing Slip

Direct Shipments to Hotel: Conference bag inserts that do not make it to the Penguin Mailing house by the October 15 will not be included in the Conference bag. 

Exhibitors can send their company booth material shipments that do not make the mail house by the October 15 deadline directly to the hotel and will be subject to the hotel’s $15.00/per box delivery charge. Direct shipments may not arrive earlier than October 31, 2012 and no later than November 2, 2012. Download Hotel shipment mailing label


3. Send e-mail to sandi@c4media.com with: 

  • An electronic copy of your conference bag insert (to ensure we include the right insert in the bag)
  • Information on whether you will use your own smartphones for scanning QR codes with lead information (vCard) or if you need a scanner (A scanner requires a usb connection and a dedicated laptop that you provide yourself with a text program to capture the vCard info). More information on scanning leads - see below.

Let us know if you will be giving away any prizes at your booth and we can include the information in the opening remarks at QCon. Send us your prize information to sandi@c4media.com


By November 30, 2012  

1. Special Report Deadline

The date that the QCon SF Special Report will be published is December 12, 2012 with the materials deadline of November 30, 2011.The QCon SF Special Report will be sent to all QCon SF attendees and the InfoQ newsletter list of 170,000+ names.

  • Ad specs: 5 lines, 25 characters per line. Please include a headline in the five lines and indicate the text you want hyperlinked.
  • Send your newsletter copy to Diana Baciu
  • Include the email address of the person you want to receive a test copy and Diana will send you a copy of your newsletter ad for your approval.