QCon San Francisco 2012

Thank you for for attending QCon SF 2012

Tutorials: Nov. 5-6 / Conference: Nov. 7-9

Thank you for participating in this year's QCon San Francisco Conference. We hope that you enjoyed the conference and were able to go home with ideas, experience and new connections from the conference.

QCon is a practitioner-driven conference designed for team leads, architects and project managers. The program includes two tutorial days led by over 80 industry experts and authors and three conference days with 18 tracks and over 80 speakers covering a wide variety of relevant and exciting topics in software development today. There is no other event in the US with similar opportunities for learning, networking, and tracking innovation occurring in the enterprise software development community. 

Some of QCon SF 2012 speakers include:

Bob Lee, CTO, Square, Creator of Google Guice

Coda Hale, Yammer.com, Infrastructure Architect 

Eric Brewer, Founder of the CAP Theroem

Eric Evans, Founder of Domain Driven

Jez Humble, Author of "Continuous Delivery"

John Hughes, Co-designer of Haskell and QuickCheck

Kevlin Henney, Patterns, Programming, Practice and Process

Michael T. Nygard, - Author of "Release It!"

Rich Hickey, Creator of Clojure  

Stoyan Stefanov, Author of "JavaScript Patterns" by O'Reilly

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Tracks at QCon SF 2012

Architectures you've always wondered about: How the cool systems pull it off

Big Data and Analytics: Wresting actionable intelligence from terrifyingly large data sets

Continuous Delivery: How to release software on demand, and what happens next

Cross Platform Mobile: Delivering sophisticated mobile applications with HTML5 and cross-platform frameworks

Dynamic Languages for the Web: Using the expressiveness and flexibility of dynamic languages, to deliver cutting-edge web apps

User experience (UX):The nitty-gritty on how great products are designed

Java Renaissance: Java 7 and 8 breathe new life into Java ecosystem. No longer just safe bet, cool too

Loose Concurrency & CAP theorem today: Learn how today's massive scale distributed systems force hard choices

Mechanical Sympathy: Keep the hardware in mind as you build your systems

NoSQL Emergence: SQL as knee jerk reaction to storing data is dead. NoSQL is SQL alternatives

Programmable Web: The challenges of application integration over the Web

Realtime Web: Implementing instantaneous interactions and rich clients over the Web

Tales from Silicon Valley: Trials, tribulations, achievements and endurance of software developmers in Silicon Valley

Taming HTML5 & JavaScript: Leveraging the world's fastest evolving platform

The Agile Team Field Guide: How your Agile teams can activate the learning - and the delivery - in your organization

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Top 10 videos from QCon SF 2011

Attila Szegedi:
"Everything I Ever Learned about JVM Performance Tuning @twitter"
Rod Johnson:
"Things I Wish I'd Known"
Steve Souders:
"High Performance HTML5"

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