Presentation: "Continuous Happiness"

Time: Wednesday 14:40 - 15:30

Location: Regency


Does your engineering culture promote happiness, for your teams and for your customers? Or is it cluttered with procedure and toolchains that inhibit and constrain creativity, innovation and play? We often do not recognize how much our process and tools can effect our culture, which impacts our products and ultimately our customers. Our goal should be to delight our customers, so everyone's efforts should be pointed that way. If continuous happiness is Rome, then distributed teams, automated infrastructure, collaboration, continuous integration, freedom, continuous delivery, and empowerment are the roads that lead us there. This isn't a developer talk, this isn't an operations talks, it's not even a DevOps talk. This is a talk about happiness, and both the cultural and technical requirements to continuously deliver it.

Chris Kelly, Developer/Evangelist at New Relic

 Chris  Kelly

Chris is the Developer/Evangelist at New Relic, makers of application performance monitoring tools. Prior to New Relic, Chris lead an engineering and operations team in building an ecommerce platform for the publishing industry. He is an avid Rubyist and open source advocate.