Presentation: "Datamodeling for document oriented databases. MOVED TO SEACLIFF CD"

Time: Friday 14:40 - 15:30

Location: Seacliff CD

Abstract: "NoSQL databases can liberate developers from many of the traditional constraints of data modeling which, when taken advantage of, can have huge performance gains from not only the runtime but the developer as well.  Wordnik followed a conservative migration of billions of records over two years ago and has since shifted to more hierarchal and denormalized data structures, resulting in huge speed increases.

We'll cover some of the paths to speed and efficiency with NoSQL data modeling along with lessons learned in migrating Wordnik to MongoDB.  We will also talk about some of the solutions in scaling our MongoDB-backed system to over a billion API calls per month in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Tony Tam, CEO and Technical Co-founder, Wordnik

 Tony  Tam
Tony is the CEO and technical co-founder of Wordnik, where he leads development efforts of the site's innovative word navigation system. He is a member of the MongoDB Masters group and has lead the Swagger API Framework open-source initiative. Prior to joining Wordnik, he was a founder and SVP of Engineering at Think Passenger, a provider of customer collaboration software. Before that, he was lead engineer at Composite Software where he helped develop the company's first- and second-generation query processing engines and led the research and implementation of their patented cost-based federated query optimizer. He also led software development in the bioinformatics group at Galileo Labs, a drug-discovery company based in the Silicon Valley. Tony received his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara and his MBA from Santa Clara University. He can be reached at