Presentation: "Deconstructing the Database"

Time: Thursday 16:10 - 17:00

Location: Grand Ballroom A


What happens when you deconstruct the traditional monolithic database - separating transaction processing, storage and query into independent cooperating services? Coupled with a data model based around atomic facts and awareness of time, you get a significantly different set of capabilities and tradeoffs. This talk with discuss how these ideas play out in the design and architecture of Datomic, a new database.

Rich Hickey, Creator of Clojure

 Rich  Hickey

Rich Hickey, the author of the Clojure programming language and designer of the Datomic database system, is a software developer with over 25 years of experience in various domains. Rich has worked on scheduling systems, broadcast automation, audio analysis and fingerprinting, database design, yield management, exit poll systems, and machine listening, in a variety of languages.

Twitter: @richhickey