Presentation: "Dynamo: Theme and Variations"

Time: Friday 16:00 - 16:50

Location: Grand Ballroom BC

Abstract: The Dynamo paper, released by Amazon five years ago, laid out a set of technical "themes" for highly available, fault-tolerant distributed systems. Since then, numerous NoSQL products have been built on its core principles. These "variations," along with recent advances in research, represent both a fascinating study in technical evolution and the forefront of the non-relational world. In this talk, we'll cover the foundations of Dynamo - consistent hashing, vector clocks, hinted handoff, gossip protocol - advances in each area, and how querying and application development has changed as a result of them.

Shanely Kane, Director of product management at Basho

 Shanely  Kane

Shanley Kane is director of product management at Basho. Basho makes Riak, an open source, distributed database based on principles from Amazon's Dynamo paper. Previously, she worked at Apigee on the developer tools product team. She is a community organizer, advocate of women in technology, and an alum of Carnegie Mellon University.