Presentation: "Engineering Elegance: The Secrets of Square's Stack"

Time: Thursday 17:20 - 18:10

Location: Seacliff AB

In 2010, NY Times columnist David Pogue described Square as ""beautiful, simple and a joy to use."" Square's dedication to user experience continues to strike a chord. Today, more than 2M merchants and individuals use Square to process $6B annually.  

How does Square deliver its trademark seamlessness? Simple. By routinely tackling daunting engineering challenges, shielding merchants and payers alike from the inherent complexities of payment processing.

Bob takes the audience on a tour of Square's stack, tracing the payment lifecycle from end to end. From magnetic stripe decoding to multi-homed data centers, Bob talks about lessons learned–what worked and what didn't–and the variety of technologies and open source frameworks concealed behind Square's simple façade.

Bob Lee, Track host, CTO, Square; Creator of Google Guice

 Bob  Lee

Square's CTO Bob Lee is a hands on technical leader, engineering everything from smartphone apps, to DSP algorithms, to embedded firmware, to payments processing infrastructure. Prior to Square, Bob led the development of Android's core libraries at Google. He created the Jolt award-winning Guice framework. He co-authored the bestselling book "Bitter EJB." He leads the specification of JSR-330 "Dependency Injection for Java," and he's a member of the JSR-335 "Lambda expressions" and JSR-166 "Concurrency Utilities" expert groups. 

Twitter: @crazybob
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