Presentation: "Introducing Online Education to Hypermedia agents"

Time: Wednesday 10:30 - 11:20

Location: Seacliff AB

Collaborative filtering and recommendation systems is awesome and all around us. We think about our industry and how could machine learning help us recommend something to our consumers so they will buy more and we get more money. Another way of thinking is how could machine learning change our clients life.

In the education business detecting drop outs, difficult exercises, above-the-curve students and much more can be done through machine
learning. But consuming all this information and implementing completely different strategies can be a hassle. Instead of one big project, why not distribute artificial intelligent tutors over the web using simple web apis? No hypermedia required. Dumb http apis to change the way we learn, and teach.

While real life is connected, how come the so far stablished standard for online learning does not take hypermedia into account.
Distributing agents is the first step, connecting distributed content - explanations and exercises - through hypermedia might be another step in a more decentralized learning environment.

We will go through the core machine and how both intelligent agents and distributed content can be built using such basic web technology
and connected in order to completely change the user experience while learning from one source or another.

We will see how we have been trying to change the world through education and trying to change education through today's world point
of view: connected systems on the web.

Guilherme Silveira, Creator of Restfulie and Editorial chief of InfoQ Brazil

 Guilherme  Silveira
Guilherme Silveira is head instructor at Caelum, a training and consulting company.  He is the creator of Restfulie, editorial chief of InfoQ Brazil, technical editor for a brazilian magazine, co-founder of the largest online portuguese speaking java user group.

After several years fighting against tight coupling, Guilherme came across REST and finally understood how hypermedia could help us avoiding the client-must-be-updated mess.

Currently writing and recording a Rest from Scratch series showing how to create REST systems using hypermedia in its core in every language Restfulie supports so far: ruby, java and .net.
 Twitter: @guilhermecaelum