Presentation: "Running with the Devil: Mechanical Sympathetic Networking"

Time: Friday 10:30 - 11:20

Location: Seacliff CD

To get the most out of the hardware at our disposal today takes a deep understanding of the entire software and hardware stack. At no place is this more evident than the current CPU architectures. However, great gains are ripe for the taking when dealing with networks and the TCP/IP stack. In this talk, we will discuss some techniques that may be well known or unknown about how to get the most out of the TCP/IP stack of any modern OS. We'll discuss: (1) how application level batching can be leveraged to remarkably avoid common TCP pitfalls, (2) how the impact of UDP datagram size influences CPU and network efficiency, (3) why the new OS system calls like sendmmsg/recvmmsg are so hot, and (4) how easy it is to leverage asynchronous calls for fun and profit.

Todd Montgomery, Chief Architect of Informatica’s Messaging Business Unit

 Todd  Montgomery
Todd L. Montgomery is Vice President of Architecture for the Messaging Business Unit of 29West, now part of Informatica. As the chief architect of Informatica’s Messaging Business Unit, Todd is responsible for the design and implementation of the Ultra Messaging product family (formerly known as LBM) which has over 190 production deployments within the financial services sector. In the past, Todd has held architecture positions at TIBCO and Talarian as well as lecture positions at West Virginia University, contributed to the IETF, and performed research for NASA in various software fields. With a deep background in messaging systems, reliable multicast, network security, congestion control, and software assurance, Todd brings a unique perspective tempered by 20 years of practical development experience.