Presentation: "Scaling Pinterest"

Time: Friday 10:30 - 11:20

Location: Grand Ballroom A

Abstract: has grown to billions of page views per month in just under a year, and the number one question we’re asked at parties is “what’s in your stack?” Sit back while we take you on a tour of our current architecture, the lessons learned along the way, and the successes. We’ll focus on how we sharded our MySQL database, on caching mechanisms, and on server management. We’ll also touch on the conveniences and challenges of building today’s most modern web infrastructures on Amazon’s EC2.

Marty Weiner, Cloud Ninja @ Pinterest

 Marty  Weiner
Early engy at Pinterest. Previously worked at Azul Systems as a VM engineer focused on building/improving the JIT compilers in HotSpot.


Yashwanth Nelapati, Cloud Balrog @ Pinterest

 Yashwanth  Nelapati

Engineer at Pinterest dealing with infrastructure and scalability. Yashh has been an engineer with Pinterest since the beginning.