Presentation: "Test-Driven Web APIs"

Time: Wednesday 13:30 - 14:20

Location: Seacliff AB

Abstract: REST's hypermedia constraint is all about getting things done - that is, making changes to the state of an application to achieve a particular goal. Put simply, in a web-based hypermedia system, clients apply HTTP's uniform interface to operate links and forms in pursuit of their application goals.In this session we'll look at how we can develop and test discrete parts of a hypermedia-driven distributed system, both server-side resources and clients that can be guided on the fly to complete their application goals.

Ian Robinson, Author of "REST in Practice", Neo Technology

 Ian  Robinson

Ian is an engineer at Neo Technology, currently working on research and development for future versions of the Neo4j graph database. Prior to joining the engineering team, Ian served as Neo's Director of Customer Success, managing training, professional services and support, and working with customers to design and develop graph database solutions. He is a co-author of 'REST in Practice' (O'Reilly) and a contributor to 'REST: From Research to Practice' (Springer) and 'Service Design Patterns' (Addison-Wesley). He presents at conferences worldwide on REST and the graph capabilities of Neo4j, and blogs at