Presentation: "The Beauty of Constraints"

Time: Thursday 16:10 - 17:00

Location: Grand Ballroom BC

Making any product is an exciting as well as challenging endeavor, especially in technology and software. As humans we are prone to let our creativity run free — but freedom is not always the best solution to solving problems. We benefit from constraints to truly ignite our creativity. More often than not, however, our code needs constraints—real world constraints which we are prone to overlook.

In his session, Faruk will talk about the values and lessons learned from imposing (sometimes arbitrary) constraints on software projects, and how they play a critical role in good API design.

Faruk Ates, Founder of four53

 Faruk  Ates

Faruk AteĊŸ is a founder of four53, the San Francisco-based startup behind Presentate, a new and better way to create, present and share your story. Prior to starting four53, Faruk was the Product Designer at Apture, and a UI Engineer at Apple. He is the creator of Modernizr, an award-winning JavaScript library for the next generation of websites and web applications.