Presentation: "The realtime web: HTML5 WebSockets, Engine.IO, Socket.IO, SPDY, HTTP2.0 & Beyond"

Time: Wednesday 10:30 - 11:20

Location: Bayview


Socket.IO has helped the world bring WebSocket to all web browsers and mobile devices. Moving forward, exciting developments are happening in the HTTP world with the introduction of Google's SPDY, WebRTC and the future HTTP2.0.

The talk will go into an overview of the realtime web, what's new, and what we can look forward to as these technologies continue to develop and get more support from vendors and developers. In addition, we'll discuss how to scale the realtime web with Node.JS in the Cloud.

Guillermo Rauch, CTO of LearnBoost

 Guillermo  Rauch

Guillermo Rauch is the CTO and cofounder of SF based education startup LearnBoost, author of, co-author of the mongoose Node.JS MongoDB ODM, contributor to the Node.JS express web framework, MooTools core developer, blogger, speaker and open source lover

He recently wrote the book "Smashing Node" for Wiley, and became the the curator of JSConf Argentina.

Twitter: @rauchg