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Aditya Bansod, VP of Product Marketing at Sencha

 Aditya  Bansod

Aditya is Sencha's VP of Product Marketing and is responsible for the product planning and strategy for Sencha's product lines. Prior to Sencha, Aditya held various senior product management roles at Adobe and Microsoft, focusing on developers and media in the mobile and consumer electronics space.

Twitter: @adityabansod



Presentation: "Building Mobile HTML5 Apps in Hours, Not Days"

Time: Thursday 13:40 - 14:30

Location: Marina


HTML5 has delivered on the promise to make building mobile apps work seamlessly across devices and operating systems. But developers looking to build applications still have to code HTML, JavaScript and CSS by hand, often laboriously rebuilding features that exist in native platforms without the benefit of tooling that native platforms offer. New tools in the HTML5 space, like Sencha Architect make building mobile HTML5 apps as fun and easy as building native apps.