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Alexander von Zitzewitz, Co-founder of hello2morrow Inc

 Alexander  von Zitzewitz

Alexander von Zitzewitz is one of the founders of hello2morrow and has more than 20 years of experience with object oriented software development and software architecture in general. He has a degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Munich. In July of 2008 he moved to Massachusetts to build up the North American operations of hello2morrow. Besides computers and software architecture Alexander likes Red Wine, good Jazz, hiking, strategy games and sunny weather.


Presentation: "Sustainable Software Development"

Time: Wednesday 14:40 - 15:30

Location: Seacliff CD


Almost every non-trivial software system suffers from the accumulation of technical debt and structural erosion. With every new release quality metrics and developer productivity go down, while it becomes more and more difficult to change or maintain the system. This session first looks at the technical and social causes of this industry wide problem. From there the focus will shift to possible solutions involving organizational changes,  process improvements and tool-based fully automized control of quality metrics and architecture