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Cesar Idrovo, Director, Incept5

 Cesar  Idrovo

César Idrovo is Director at Incept5 where he leads the Innovation and Lean & Agile practices and US Business Development. He has been intimately involved in the implementation of new capabilities and initiatives in the payments world. His experience includes VP and DIrector positions at JPMorgan and Barclays as well as consulting in a range of industries such as ecommerce, entertainment, financial services and others. César specializes in product delivery, team collaboration and organizational transformation. As consultant and coach, he helps leaders activate the human system around them to build great products. 

Twitter: @cesaridrovo

LinkedIn: César Idrovo

Presentation: "Discovery Curves, Group Learning and Delivering"

Time: Friday 10:30 - 11:20

Location: Bayview

Software development is mostly not about software development, and our corporate audiences are telling us that in most cases it is only between 10-30% about software development.  At least 70% is about learning. You can leave this session with at least two things to try on your own:

The first is to have your teams use the "Discovery Curves" model to chart their ability to learn, so you can link it to their ability to deliver. This model is very useful to sell any flavor of Agile to your management team and stop pretending that we can learn by sheer force of planning. A team's own ability to learn directly supports its ability to deliver.

The second is a model for group learning based on Joanna Zweig's doctoral work on Group Coherence. You will leave with a group improvement process to harvest each member's past group experiences and identify the common characteristics that defined them. This will provide you with a list of candidate ingredients that could encourage or unblock your group's performance.