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Dan Gilmer, Ancestry.com, Manager of AppOps (DevOps)

 Dan  Gilmer

When I heard of the idea of “Infrastructure as Code” it made me rethink how I should look at my profession. I have been an engineer in both operations and development in my 12 plus years in this field. Blending agile processes into operations is the future of IT. Anything that can be automated - should be automated.

Ancestry was looking for a way to automate “build”, “server creation”, “server configuration”, “code deploy” and “server scaling” easily. The DEVOPS team finished this requirement by using OpsCode “Chef” and Thoughtworks “GO” tools. Ancestry.com now has a continuous delivery system that enables 120+ development groups to push code anytime.

Training: "Implementing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline: From Commit to Deploy"

Track: Tutorial

Time: Tuesday 09:00 - 12:00

Location: Seacliff C


Continuous Delivery is the practice of releasing high quality, business value to customers frequently and rapidly. Doing this effectively requires combining various practices and technologies in a highly automated way culminating in what we characterize as a “continuous delivery platform.” Many teams and organizations want to do continuous delivery, but find that combining the right pieces together in the right way is not so straightforward. What technologies are available and what can be used? How do you combine and structure them to create an effective continuous delivery pipeline?

This tutorial shows participants in a hands-on setting how to implement a working continuous delivery pipeline using key technologies—source control, build system, pipeline workflow system, tests, configuration management, and automated deployment—to release a new feature into “production.” We will use Git, Ant, Thoughtworks GO, xUnit, Selenium, Opscode Chef, and Amazon Web Services as representative technologies. As a bonus, we will also share some of our experiences dealing with cultural, organizational, and technical challenges while implementing a large-scale continuous delivery platform at Ancestry.com.

This tutorial is a great follow-on to Jez Humble’s “Continuous Delivery” tutorial on Monday. After learning from Jez about the fundamentals of continuous delivery, see how to implement a fully working pipeline from the architects of Ancestry.com’s large-scale continuous delivery platform.