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Eric Brewer, VP of Infrastructure at Google, Professor at UC Berkeley

 Eric  Brewer

Professor, Computer Science Division
Founder of the Federal Search Foundation, which built FirstGov (now USA.gov), the portal for the US government.
Formerly, Founder and Chief Scientist of Inktomi Corporation, now part of Yahoo!

Twitter: @eric_brewer

Personal website: www.cs.berkeley.edu/~brewer/

Presentation: "NoSQL: Past, Present, Future"

Time: Thursday 09:20 - 10:10

Location: To be announced


There were databases before SQL --- the relational model replaced them.

"NoSQL" is not about SQL at all -- it is about building bottom-up layered systems following the model of Unix rather than the top-down relational model derived from declarative set operations.

What can we learn from the "pre-SQL" systems' failures and to where must the current NoSQL solutions evolve to address the full range of application needs?