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Erik Bierwagen, Principal Programmer Analyst, Genentech

 Erik  Bierwagen

Dr. Erik Bierwagen, Principal Programmer Analyst in Research at Genentech, has been developing scientific software for over 15 years.  Almost a decade of that time has been devoted to helping Genentech bridge the gap between the free-flowing needs of creative scientists and the corporate imperative to capture value on its investment in scientific data. Erik completed his PhD in computational chemistry at Caltech, but he never let that stand in the way of working on useful software engineering problems.

Presentation: "To Your Health: Software development in Genentech Research and Early Development (gRED)"

Time: Thursday 14:50 - 15:40

Location: Seacliff AB


Research is by definition an ever changing body of information and data.  Developing software to support research efforts presents constant challenges.  As we try to gain a better understanding of genetics and the underlying biology of diseases such as cancer and alzheimers, there is a great need to tie together data from  disparate groups and make it easily accessible for data analysis.  We need to balance many competing needs:

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of data entry
  • Ensuring high quality and completeness of entered data
  • Easy aggregation for data analysis
  • Searching for and extracting appropriate data sets
  • Flexible display of the data

In this talk I will describe some examples of the software we have developed that balances these needs