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Glenn Vanderburg, LivingSocial

 Glenn  Vanderburg

Glenn Vanderburg is a developer at LivingSocial. In his 25 years as a programmer, he has experienced many different methods and philosophies of writing software, from heavy- to featherweight.

Glenn is always searching for ways to improve the state of software development, and was an early adopter and proponent of Ruby, Rails, and agile practices. 

Presentation: "Opening Keynote: Real Software Engineering"

Time: Wednesday 09:20 - 10:10

Location: To be announced


For over 40 years, starting in the late 1960s, the "Software Engineering"crowd has been telling us programmers that we need to get serious and learn how to be real engineers. Most of their prescriptions resembled what we imagine a civil engineer's day might be like: lots of formal methods, specification, diagrams and other documents, design analysis and verification, and the like.

Many of us (including me) listened to that siren song for a while. But for each of the many engineering disciplines, growing up has actually meant becoming comfortable with what makes it unlike other disciplines. In software, ironically enough, getting serious about being good engineers requires rejecting almost everything we've been taught about "Software Engineering". What engineering really means in the context of software is-as it ought to be-very different from what other engineering disciplines practice.