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Jeremy Edberg, Reliability Architect for Netflix

 Jeremy  Edberg
Jeremy is currently the Reliability Architect for Netflix, the largest video streaming service in the world.
Before that he ran reddit, an online community for sharing and discussing interesting things on the internet that does more than two billion pageviews a month. Both run their entire operations on Amazon’s EC2. Jeremy has keynoted at conferences such as PyCon and Cloud Connect, and holds a cognitive Science degree from UC Berkeley.

Presentation: "The CAP balancing act: Building reliable data stores"

Time: Thursday 13:40 - 14:30

Location: Grand Ballroom A

Abstract: "In this session you will learn how Netflix and reddit build reliable data stores.  We'll cover multi-datacenter and multi-region deployments, balancing availability and money, and how Netflix uses the Simian Army to ensure resilience to failure.  You'll hear tips, tricks and best practices for best balancing between C, A and P.