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Matthew Barker, Versant Corporation

 Matthew  Barker

Matthew Barker, Versant Corporation's Director of Professional Services, has over 20 years of architecting and developing high performance, mission critical software applications.  He has provided technical direction and consulting for Fortune 500 companies such as G.E., Dow Jones, Sabre, and Verizon.

Presentation: "Situational Awareness for a Complex World"

Time: Friday 11:40 - 12:30

Location: Regency


The concept of Big Data has been around for more than a decade, and its potential to transform any enterprise has been well documented. Yet, despite the concept of Big Data being well-defined, the means to
effectively leverage Big Data and realize its promised benefits still eludes many. The majority of tools on the market today have focused on maneuvering the massive spikes in data volume.  Making sense of that data and its increasing complexity allows us to tap into Big Data’s real value: taking action. Simply put, the ability to make decisions – and to do so quickly – is called situational awareness. This calls for a shift from traditional methods of data processing, like relational databases, to more sophisticated tools that can
handle the scale and complexity of today’s information. In this session, Versant’s VP of Technology, Robert Greene, will discuss how to achieve situational awareness by leveraging a new mathematical approach to linked data analysis. The advanced analytics discussed are supported by algorithmic processing using data structures uniquely handled within an object database, built using a NoSQL distribution architecture. The approach enables controlling and conducting analysis in real-time to identify irregularities in data
patterns that can affect the outcome of a business or process. For many organizations, implementing such a process means not only smoother internal and external operations, but also a positive impact to the bottom line.