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Paul Betts, Windows ⁄ .NET Hacker for GitHub

 Paul  Betts
I'm a Windows ⁄ .NET Hacker for GitHub who graduated from The Ohio State University. In my spare time, I hack on some open–source software, play guitar and bass, and in general am within ε of really awesome.

Training: "Asynchronous Programming with Reactive Extensions and the GitHub APIs"

Track: Tutorial

Time: Tuesday 13:00 - 16:00

Location: Seacliff C


Many modern Desktop, Web and Mobile applications require sophisticated coordination and orchestration of asynchronous data and event streams originating from web services, UI elements, sensors, push notifications, etc.

In this half-day course, we'll examine how to apply Reactive Extensions (Rx) to manage events and incoming

information and act on it in an asynchronous manner, as well as see how to use Rx in user interfaces, which can drastically simplify complex user interactions.

This course will be largely hands-on and driven by practical and language independent examples using the GitHub APIs - from applying Rx to the Web via RxJS and HttpClient, to creating apps for OSX using ReactiveCocoa and Windows GUI using Rx.NET. We'll also see more data-processing intensive examples, such as creating real-time data processing and aggregation services in a clean, testable way.