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Woody Zuill, Agile Coach for Development Practices

 Woody  Zuill
Woody Zuill has been programming computers for over 29 years, and currently works as an application developer and dev team supervisor for a company that manufactures high quality irrigation products. Over the last 12 years he has worked continuously as an Agile Coach for development practices.  He believes that code must be simple, clean, and maintainable so that we canrealize the Agile promise of Responding to Change, and that we must constantly Inspect and Adapt our practices.  He has a passion for bringing unmaintainable code back into a manageable state.

Presentation: "Hands on Test Driven Development (TDD)"

Time: Friday 11:40 - 12:30

Location: Bayview

Practice makes better.
Join us for a powerful learning experience where you will participate in helping to solve a sample programming problem. A Coding Dojo is a get-together where programmers follow a pattern similar to the martial arts dojo to practice their skills. In this Coding Dojo you will get an opportunity to practice the extreme programming techniques of Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Refactoring, User Stories, and Simple Design. We will be using the Randori format, to let as many participants as possible do actual coding.

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