Presentation: Go-ing to Rust: Optimizing Storage at Dropbox


5:25pm - 6:15pm



Magic Pocket, Dropbox's multi-exabyte file storage system, spans 10s of thousands of storage servers containing nearly a million total disks. Optimizing the storage of file data to use these resources as efficiently as possible is of key to Dropbox's infrastructure strategy.

So in 2015, Dropbox started a project codenamed "Diskotech", which radically reexamined the profile of storage servers, leading to a new design that customized the software and hardware to match each other perfectly. Dropbox decided to use a new systems programming language, called Rust, to build this next-generation software--rather than go, the language the rest of the system was written in.

This talk will walk through an overview of the though process behind this project, contrast the new design against the old, and detail Rust's role as a pivotal part of the implementation.

Speaker: Jamie Turner

Principal Engineer @Dropbox

Jamie Turner is a Principal Engineer at Dropbox, where he's spent the last few years performing various design, implementation, and technical leadership roles on Magic Pocket, Dropbox's block storage system. He's currently leading a new project which aspires to dramatically increase the quality and performance of Dropbox's desktop sync. Before Dropbox, Jamie was Head of Engineering at Bump Technologies, Inc--a mobile startup acquired by Google in 2013. Prior to Bump, he was VP of Information Services at YouGov, plc. In addition to industry work, he's authored several open source projects that have accumulated thousands of stars on GitHub, including the Stud SSL proxy.

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