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We live in a world of constant change, where advances in technology have vastly benefited people around the world. This constant change has fundamentally changed the way people live, and has also created a paradoxical world. On the one hand, people are looking to be more successful and productive. One the other hand people want to feel less stressed, calmer and more energized, and more focused.

How do we solve for this paradox? One way to help drive more focus, get more done in less time, feel calmer and more centered, and manage energy is through meditation.

To benefit from meditation, you do not need to don yourself in robes. You do not need to sit for hours at a time. And you do not need to stop thinking. In this workshop we will debunk common myths, and get right to how meditation can help you. We will explore some of the science behind meditation and its benefits, and the current challenges people face when attempting it. In doing so, you will leave with practical and easy tools for you to experience the benefits of a life less stressed, more focused, and more productive.

Speaker: Prakash Raman

Executive development @LinkedIn

Prakash is currently in Executive Development at LinkedIn, where he brings practical tools that leaders can use daily to help recognize and achieve their potential. He coaches, facilitates, and conducts workshops focused on leading through values, connection and the shared human experience. Prakash’s experience and background prior to LinkedIn enables him to take a unique, and actionable approach to developing leaders. From Wall Street, to globally scaling a non-profit, to managing the P&L for the Oreo Cookie brand, Prakash has successfully worked through key business problems, providing a business-rooted perspective when working with leaders. Prakash graduated with honors from Rice University while playing Division 1 tennis, and holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

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