Presentation: Social Coding for Effective Teams and Products


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The software industry in the past romanticized the image of the solitary coder in a basement twiddling bits to produce a great work. But in reality, software has always been a collaborative social effort.

From putting people on the moon to building a game that causes people to run around outside chasing imaginary creatures, all of these efforts required developers to work closely together and build upon the work that preceded them. The secret ingredient to great teams and products are the misnamed "soft" skills, which end up being really hard to do well.

This talk, we'll delve into these soft skills and how they help teams be more effective and back all of it with hard data.

Speaker: Phil Haack

Leads Desktop team @GitHub and shipped ASP.NET MVC/NuGet

Phil Haack (yes, it's pronounced "hack") works at GitHub as the Director of Client Apps - a group that consists of the Desktop, Atom, Electron, and Editor Tools teams. Prior to GitHub, he was a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft responsible for shipping ASP.NET MVC and NuGet. These projects were released under open source licenses and helped served as examples to other teams for how to ship open source software. He regularly writes for his blog and tweets random observations on Twitter as @haacked. He also speaks at conferences here and there, and has quit writing technical books forever several times now.

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