Presentation: Combining Graph Analytics


11:50am - 12:40pm



Whether you're trying to recommend products to buy, people to follow, influencers to target or articles to read, recommendations using graph algorithms are very valuable to produce.

Typical workflows involve using ML to train a model, and using that model to power recommendations. This requires the models be re-trained as new data comes in. This makes it challenging to ensure you're serving relevant recommendations based on fast-changing data across many systems.

This session will cover how to combine graph analytics queries, which are often global and interactive, with local graph traversals to generate real-time recommendations. OLAP + OLTP ftw!

Speaker: Ryan Boyd

Engineer & Head of DevRel

Ryan is a SF-based software engineer focused on helping developers understand the power of graph databases. Previously he was a product manager for architectural software, built applications and web hosting environments for higher education, and worked in developer relations for twenty products during his 8 years at Google. He enjoys cycling, sailing, skydiving, and many other adventures when not in front of his computer.

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