Presentation: The Rise of the Multi-Model Database


1:40pm - 2:30pm



The rigidness of monolithic applications and single datastores created the need for flexible architectures, such as micro-services and a myriad of alternative data technologies. As software engineers adopted this trend they found themselves with the symptom of “the embarrassment of riches”, having to onboard and support too many technologies, and even introducing additional management tools. As an answer, datastores are adapting and becoming as multifaceted as the needs of their consumers.

This session is aimed at developers that are building modern applications, where fast delivery and agility are critical, but are tired of supporting different technologies that slow their velocity. We will explore how modern datastores can fulfill many different use cases, improve speed and scale, and reduce operational overhead.

Speaker: Sigfrido Narvaez

Senior Solutions Architect @MongoDB

Sig has worked as a Principal Cloud and Data Architect in engineering and consulting roles for the financial, automotive, and mortgage industries, and is now a Solutions Architect at MongoDB, helping organizations adopt new technologies and build scalable and reliable applications. Sig is also an organizer of user groups and enjoys speaking at events. He doesn’t see MongoDB as just a database, but as a conduit for innovation, and wants to see it spread like wildfire!

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