Presentation: Webpack: The One Build Step To Rule Them All


1:40pm - 2:30pm




Webpack is JavaScript module bundler that has taken the world by storm, but a lack of great docs and wealth of boilerplates have led to many people using it, but not understand it.

Sean Larkin from the Webpack core team will break down the 4 concepts everyone should know when using webpack so they can take and make it their own.

At the end of this talk, you’ll set fire to every Gulpfile and Gruntfile you’ve ever written, destroy all those extra style and script tags in your browser, and possess the tools needed to make the best modern web apps, without sacrificing developer experience.

Join Sean in webpacking ALL the things.

Speaker: Sean Larkin

Webpack maintainer, User Experience Developer @MutualofOmaha

Sean Larkin is a User Experience Developer at Mutual of Omaha. He is a former technical support representative turned renegade software engineer and web developer, driven by the need to help people through the code he writes. Sean is a member of the Webpack core team, Angular team and Angular-CLI core team. Sean has given talks on Ruby, DAMP programming, AngularJS, and Webpack. He lives to teach others about the world of Web Development.

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