Speaker: Albert Yu

Principal Security Engineer @Atlassian
Albert Yu is currently working as a principal engineer for the Trust Engineering team in Atlassian. Prior to Atlassian, he was a security architect in Yahoo Paranoid team. He has spent 15 years exposing himself to many different aspects of a security program, including security engineering, R&D, product reviews, code review, penetration test, governance and compliance, risk management, incident response, in large scale environment. He's the primary designer for Gryffin, a large-scale web security scanning platform, and drove the open sourcing of it. Albert received his Ph.D. (part-time) in the year 2012 from University of Hong Kong, with a research focus on cryptographic protocols. He was best known for finding internal security bugs that are hard to fix for those who worked with him.

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Talk: Modern Web Security, Lazy but Mindful Like a Fox

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