Sillicon Valley

Presentations about Sillicon Valley

Core Contributor @IstioMesh & Founding Engineer @tetrateio. Previously Software Engineer @Google Zack Butcher

Connecting, Managing, Observing, and Securing Services

OSS Memcached Project Maintainer, previously Memcache / Mcrouter @Facebook & Dir of Edge Engineering @Fastly Alan Kasindorf

Caching Beyond RAM: The Case for NVMe

Co-Founder @Honeycombio, formerly DevOps @ParseIT/@Facebook Charity Majors

Yes, I Test In Production (And So Do You)

Distributed Systems Engineer / Leader @Netflix Monal Daxini

Patterns of Streaming Applications

Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer @Netflix Ville Tuulos

Human-Centric Machine Learning Infrastructure @Netflix

Machine Learning Research/Engineering Director @Netflix Justin Basilico

Artwork Personalization @Netflix

Sr SRE @Netflix, member of the Edge Developer Productivity Team Greg Burrell

Full Cycle Developers @Netflix

Service Engineering @SlackHQ Holly Allen

Service Ownership @Slack

Lead Developer/Committer FoundationDB Evan Tschannen

Transaction Processing in FoundationDB

Build/Release Engineering, DevOps, and Human Factors Consultant J. Paul Reed

Whispers in the Chaos: Monitoring Weak Signals

Engineering Manager, Billing Infrastructure @Netflix Sangeeta Handa

Building Resilience in Production Migrations

Senior Software Engineer @stitchfix Cameron Jacoby

Dropping The Work-Life Balancing Act

Software Engineer @coinbase Luke Demi

Capacity Planning for Crypto Mania

Asst Professor @UCSC, Researching Data-Centric Languages/Analysis Techniques & Worked on Failure Injection Testing @Netflix Peter Alvaro

3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Designing Languages

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer @npmjs Laurie Voss

npm and the Future of JavaScript

Engineering Manager @Netflix Lauren Tan

Learning to Love Type Systems

CEO and co-founder @LightStepHQ, Co-creator @OpenTracing API standard Ben Sigelman

What We Got Wrong: Lessons From the Birth of Microservices

Co-Founder / CTO @planetscaledata & Co-Creator @vitessio Sugu Sougoumarane

Massively scaling MySQL using Vitess

Software Engineer @PayPal Dmitry Martyanov

CRDTs in Production

Principal Engineer @Adobe Dragos Dascalita Haut

Making AI FaaSt

Senior Software Engineer AI/ML, Applied Machine Learning @Adobe Akhilesh Kumar

Making AI FaaSt

Senior Manager & Heading AI for Growth and Communication Relevance @LinkedIn Hema Raghavan

Nearline Recommendations for Active Communities @LinkedIn

Senior Researcher in the Quantitative Financial Research Group @Bloomberg Chakri Cherukuri

Jupyter Notebooks: Interactive Visualization Approaches

Tech Lead Fairness, Transparency, Explainability & Privacy Efforts @LinkedIn Krishnaram Kenthapadi

Fairness, Transparency, and Privacy in AI @LinkedIn

Engineering Director @ShapeSecurity & JavaScript Expert Jarrod Overson

Security & Psychology: Demotivating Persistent Threats

Staff Security Engineer @Cruise Automation Mike Ruth

Taking the Canary Out of the Coal Mine

Security Researcher, Leader, Advisor @Netflix William Bengtson

Reducing Risk of Credential Compromise @Netflix


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Laurie Voss
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer @npmjs Laurie Voss
Alan Kasindorf
OSS Memcached Project Maintainer, previously Memcache / Mcrouter @Facebook & Dir of Edge Engineering @Fastly Alan Kasindorf
Dmitry Martyanov
Software Engineer @PayPal Dmitry Martyanov
Charity Majors
Co-Founder @Honeycombio, formerly DevOps @ParseIT/@Facebook Charity Majors
Ville Tuulos
Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer @Netflix Ville Tuulos

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