Speaker: Benjamen Pyle

Co-Founder & CEO @Pyle Cloud Technologies, LLC, Uniquely Genuine and Resourceful Technology Creator

Benjamen Pyle is a technology executive and software developer with over 20 years of experience across startups and large enterprises. He is Co-Founder and CEO of Pyle Cloud Technologies, an AWS-focused cloud consultancy specializing in cloud strategy, architecture, training, and cost optimization. He’s also an AWS Community Builder recognized for his deep expertise in serverless computing, event-driven architecture, and cloud-native and containerized solutions. When Benjamen doesn’t have his head in the clouds, he’s either playing golf with his wife and two boys or outside with their 12 paws.

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High Performance Serverless with Rust

Rust and AWS Lambda seem like the perfect fit. Micro-sized virtual machines and a highly-performant systems language that has a proven track record of delivering a quality developer experience. So why hasn't more adoption occurred?

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Monday Nov 18