Rust [in Production]

This track explores the trade-offs involved in adopting Rust, considering its learning curve alongside the potential for infrastructure savings and a competitive edge for your engineering team.

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High Performance Serverless with Rust

Rust and AWS Lambda seem like the perfect fit. Micro-sized virtual machines and a highly-performant systems language that has a proven track record of delivering a quality developer experience. So why hasn't more adoption occurred?

Speaker image - Benjamen Pyle

Benjamen Pyle

Co-Founder & CEO @Pyle Cloud Technologies, LLC, Uniquely Genuine and Resourceful Technology Creator


Myth Busters: Is Rust a Slam Dunk?

We built a high-scale caching service with rigorous latency, cost, and availability requirements in Kotlin. Then, we rewrote our services in Rust. Was it worth it?


Rust Patterns I Have Known and Loved

When adopting Rust, there are many unfamiliar patterns and often what feels like a steep learning curve for those who aren't familiar with the language. For lower-level code, there are some times where trying to do something simple feels outright impossible.