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Chris Shinkle, Kanban Expert

 Chris  Shinkle

Chris Shinkle is a Development Manager at Software Engineering Professionals (SEP). SEP provides software services and systems in a variety of industries including products for business, data and safety critical applications.

Chris has worked with SEP for over 12 years in roles ranging from software engineer to recruiter to development manager. He has experience customizing and fitting process models to many different domains including aerospace, defense, medical, consumer electronics, and automotive. He has used Agile and Lean methods to lead large complex projects, most notably, a military aircraft engine monitoring and maintenance system and an FDA regulated remote patient monitoring system. He introduced FDD to SEP in 2004, and then continued to evolve the internal processes and approaches over the following years. In 2007, SEP began to adopt Kanban processes under Chris' guidance, as he trained and mentored engineers across the company. Currently, more than 10 different projects are using pull-based approaches.

Chris is a graduate of Purdue University and resides in Indianapolis with his wife and two sons.

Presentation: "Kanban and the Dreyfus Learning model"

Time: Wednesday 15:00 - 16:00

Location: Metropolitan Ballroom

Abstract: In 2004, SEP tried adopting Agile practices. However, Agile failed to have the desired lasting impact across the entire organization. Things changed in 2007, when SEP implemented Kanban for the first time. We will explore how Kanban teams at SEP matured through the lens of the Dreyfus Model for Skill Acquisition. We will examine what this pattern has meant for institutionalization of Lean in the organization. We will discuss a counterintuitive technique for higher success and adoption rates of new methodologies. Finally, we will review common pitfalls teams encountered adopting Kanban.