Presentation: "Brownfield software - industrial waste or business fertiliser?"

Time: Thursday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: Franciscan I & II

Abstract: We do it with land, we do it with property, yet why are we so reluctant to revive legacy software? Join Josh as he busts 10 perennial legacy myths, including: Working on legacy code sux - greenfields is teh awesum It needs a complete rewrite to perform 99% faster This 10 year old pile of JaBOL application won't be winning any awards Come and discover how one developer's waste can be another's fertiliser. Wait, that came out wrong...

Josh Graham, Chief Dispenser of Pleasantries

 Josh  Graham
Josh Graham has over 20 years experience in the software industry. He is a speaker, track host, and chair at conferences on SOA, enterprise architecture, agile software delivery, and technology innovation. He is a "modern enterprise architect", applying the principles of agile software development and software craftsmanship across architectural disciplines.

Over the past 5 years Josh has been learning from the best - architecting, developing and integrating large scale Java, Ruby, and C# systems at ThoughtWorks and Hashrocket. Josh co-organizes speakerconf. and is the author of the "squealer" ETL for MongoDB. You may have already met Josh at a bar.