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Architecture Anarchists

Host: Dan North

There's a lot of emphasis on "enterprise delivery" at software conferences - project-based software delivery, budget-constrained in a world full of Enterprise Architecture Groups, frameworks, tools, techniques and methodologies that are really about making overly big projects fail less.Not just the obvious candidates like J2EE, ESBs and RUP, but even "agile" methods like Scrum or frameworks like Spring can hinder more than they help.

There is an assumption - that I'd like to challenge - that in order to deliver in a large organisation, you have to start with the large organisation processes and technologies and do the best you can. What if you could throw out the rule book? What if, as the man said when he was asked how to get to Dublin: "I wouldn't start from here"?

In this track, members of high-performing teams describe how they achieve what appears to be the impossible: delivering in days what usually takes weeks or months; or delivering incredibly high-performing applications by breaking all the rules.