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John Wang, LinkedIn Search Architect

 John  Wang

John Wang is the Search Architect behind LinkedIn’s search infrastructure and is primarily focusing on real-time distributed faceted search.  John is a frequent contributor to the open source community, e.g. Lucene, Solr, etc.  Previously, John has led development backing both internet and enterprise search systems at Yahoo!, SimplyHired, Verity/Autonomy, etc. 

John’s LinkedIn profile can be reached at http://www.linkedin.com/in/javasoze


Presentation: "LinkedIn Search: Searching the Social Graph in Real Time"

Time: Friday 15:35 - 16:35

Location: Franciscan I & II


LinkedIn is a high traffic consumer internet site and LinkedIn search serves millions of queries per day.  The search problem at LinkedIn is unique in several ways:

1) High volume with both unstructured and rich structured data

2) Different types of structured data, e.g., the social graph

3) Faceted search on the structured data

4) Real-time changes to data

5) Constant expansion of the underlying corpus

This session will discuss LinkedIn’s distributed real-time faceted search system, which is designed to guarantee strict SLAs for both search latency as well as how rapidly a newly updated document appears in the search results.  It will further discuss incremental index updates, query segmentation and classification, as well as various caching approaches.