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Josh Graham, Chief Dispenser of Pleasantries

 Josh  Graham
Josh Graham has over 20 years experience in the software industry. He is a speaker, track host, and chair at conferences on SOA, enterprise architecture, agile software delivery, and technology innovation. He is a "modern enterprise architect", applying the principles of agile software development and software craftsmanship across architectural disciplines.

Over the past 5 years Josh has been learning from the best - architecting, developing and integrating large scale Java, Ruby, and C# systems at ThoughtWorks and Hashrocket. Josh co-organizes speakerconf. and is the author of the "squealer" ETL for MongoDB. You may have already met Josh at a bar.

Presentation: "Brownfield software - industrial waste or business fertiliser?"

Time: Thursday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: Franciscan I & II

Abstract: We do it with land, we do it with property, yet why are we so reluctant to revive legacy software? Join Josh as he busts 10 perennial legacy myths, including: Working on legacy code sux - greenfields is teh awesum It needs a complete rewrite to perform 99% faster This 10 year old pile of JaBOL application won't be winning any awards Come and discover how one developer's waste can be another's fertiliser. Wait, that came out wrong...