Presentation: "Mobile JavaScript Framework Bake Off!"

Time: Thursday 10:35 - 11:35

Location: Stanford

Abstract: We kick off the QCon mobile track this year, with a panel and "bake off" between all of the major mobile Javascript solutions and vendors.  Each panelist will be given 10 minutes to show a demo of their framework and talk about direction.  The audience will then be invited to ask questions of the panel.

David Kaneda, Creator of jQTouch

 David  Kaneda David Kaneda is a creative web technologist. David created jQTouch, a jQuery plugin for mobile web development, and Outpost, the original iPhone app for Basecamp. David also runs a variety of microblogs about design and development, including 9-bits and WebKitBits. Currently, David serves as the creative director at Sencha, where he is responsible for the look and feel of the company's websites, applications, and social media efforts.

John Bender, Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe

 John  Bender John Bender is the co-creator of Vagrant, the jQuery Mobile test suite maintainer, a QUnit collaborator, and a recovering polyglot. During the day he works full-time on jQuery Mobile at Adobe and otherwise spends his time hacking on open source. John shares his thoughts at and as @johnbender on Twitter.

Roland Barcia, DojoMobile

 Roland  Barcia

Roland Barcia is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) and Lead Architect for Mobile, Web 2.0, and Programming Models within IBM Software Services for WebSphere®. He is the coauthor of the book IBM WebSphere: Deployment and Advanced Configuration and Persistence in the Enterprise. He has published over 50 articles and papers on topics such as Dojo Mobile, Java™ Persistence, Ajax, REST, JavaServer Faces, and Messaging Technologies. He frequently presents at conferences and customers on various technologies.
He has spent the past 16 years implementing enterprise systems on various platforms, including Sockets, CORBA, Java EE, SOA, REST, and Mobile. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Roland maintains a blog called “Mobile, Web 2.0 and Middleware”