Speakers at QCon San Francisco 2011

 Aaron  Bedra
Aaron Bedra,
Principal at Relevance, Inc.
 Aditya  Bansod
Aditya Bansod,
Sr. Director at Sencha
 Adrian  Cockcroft
Adrian Cockcroft,
Netflix Cloud Architect
 Aino Vonge Corry
Aino Vonge Corry,
Retrospectives Facilitator and QCon SF Program Committee Member
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Alex Buckley,
Spec lead, Java Language and VM
 Alex  Papadimoulis
Alex Papadimoulis,
Partner at Inedo and Editor of The Daily WTF
 Alexandru  Popescu
Alexandru Popescu,
Co-founder: TestNG, InfoQ
 Amr  Awadallah
Amr Awadallah,
CTO, Cloudera
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Andreas Gal,
 Andy  Gross
Andy Gross,
VP of Engineering at Basho Technologies
 Attila  Szegedi
Attila Szegedi,
Software Engineer, Twitter
 Bob  Ippolito
Bob Ippolito,
CTO and cofounder of Mochi Media, Inc.
 Brian  Foote
Brian Foote,
Software Ethologist
 Brian  Sletten
Brian Sletten,
Forward-Leaning Software Consultant
 Bryan  Cantrill
Bryan Cantrill,
VP of Engineering at Joyent
 Charles  Humble
Charles Humble,
CTO for PRPi Consulting
 Charlie  Fineman
Charlie Fineman,
Head of architecture for StubHub
 Christophe  Coenraets  Cyril  Zeller
Cyril Zeller,
Senior Manager of Developer Technology for GPU Computing at NVIDIA
 Dan  Pritchett
Dan Pritchett,
Chief Technology Officer, Rearden Commerce
 Daniel  Jacobson
Daniel Jacobson,
Director of Engineering at Netflix
 Dave  Johnson
Dave Johnson,
Co-Founder of Nitobi
 Dave  Ungar
Dave Ungar,
Co-Creator of Self and ACM Fellow
 David  Kaneda
David Kaneda,
Creator of jQTouch
 David  Pollak
David Pollak,
Founder of the Lift Web Framework
 Deepak  Nadig  Dennis  Stevens
Dennis Stevens,
Enterprise Agile Coach, Global Lead - PMI Agile Community of Practice
 Derek  Collison  Dionysios  Synodinos
Dionysios Synodinos,
Research Platform Team Lead at C4Media
 Don  Reinertsen
Don Reinertsen,
Consultant and Author of "The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development"
 Eliot  Miranda
Eliot Miranda,
Smalltalk VM Expert
 Erik  Doernenburg
Erik Doernenburg,
Head of Technology Europe at ThoughtWorks
 Erik  Onnen
Erik Onnen,
Urban Airship, Director of Delivery and Architecture
 Evan  Cooke
Evan Cooke,
Co-founder & CTO, Twilio
 Felipe  Rubim
Felipe Rubim,
Systems Architect at Ci&T
 Floyd  Marinescu
Floyd Marinescu,
Father of InfoQ and QCon SF Program Committee Member
 Frank  Weigel
Frank Weigel,
Director of Product Management, Couchbase
 Gil  Tene
Gil Tene,
Vice President of Technology and CTO, Co-Founder for Azul Systems
 Gilad  Bracha
Gilad Bracha,
Software Engineer, Google Inc.
 Greg  Wilson
Greg Wilson,
 Gregory  Brail  Guilherme  Silveira
Guilherme Silveira,
Creator of Restfulie and Editorial chief of InfoQ Brazil
 Guillermo  Rauch
Guillermo Rauch,
CTO of LearnBoost
 Guy  Bayes
Guy Bayes,
Big Data Warehouse Lead at CBS Interactive
 Hans  Jespersen
Hans Jespersen,
Principal Systems Engineer at Solace Systems
 Howard Lewis Ship
Howard Lewis Ship,
Creator & Lead developer for the Apache Tapestry project
 Ian  Robinson
Ian Robinson,
Author of "REST in Practice", Neo Technology
 Israel  Hilerio
Israel Hilerio,
Principal Program Manager, Internet Explorer team
 James  Pearce
James Pearce,
Sr. Director, Developer Relations at Sencha
 James  Sutton
James Sutton,
Co-Author of "Lean Software Strategies"
 Jean-Jacques  Dubray
Jean-Jacques Dubray,
SOA veteran
 Jesper  Boeg
Jesper Boeg,
Agile Coach and Trifork Software Pilot
 Jez  Humble
Jez Humble,
Author of "Continuous Delivery", Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks
 Jim  Webber
Jim Webber,
Chief Scientist at Neo Technology and Co-Author of "Rest in Practice"
 Jinesh  Varia
Jinesh Varia,
Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services
 Joel  Hough
Joel Hough,
Student Univeristy of Utah and First Place winner of Dyalog APL Programming Contest
 John  Bender
John Bender,
Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe
 John  Davies
John Davies,
CTO and Founder of Incept5
 John  Musser
John Musser,
Programmableweb.com Founder
 John  Rauser
John Rauser,
I make complicated things simple
No picture  Joshua  Kerievsky
Joshua Kerievsky,
Founder, Industrial Logic and Author of "Refactoring to Patterns"
 Justen  Stepka
Justen Stepka,
bitbucket.org Product Manager
 Jyoti  Bansal
Jyoti Bansal,
Founder and CEO, AppDynamics
 Kresten Krab  Thorup
Kresten Krab Thorup,
Hacker, CTO of Trifork, and QCon SF Program Committee Member
 Kumar  Palaniappan  Mark  Little
Mark Little,
Chief Technologist of JBoss, Red Hat
 Mark S.  Miller
Mark S. Miller,
Taught the world that object programming, done right, was already close to object-capability secure programming.
 Matt  Pfeil
Matt Pfeil,
VP Customer Solutions & Co-founder, DataStax
 Michael  Feathers
Michael Feathers,
Author of "Working Effectively with Legacy Code"
 Michael  Golm
Michael Golm,
Head of Architecture at Siemens Corporate Research
 Michael  Kopp
Michael Kopp,
Technology Strategist, dynaTrace
 Michael  Recce
Michael Recce,
Lead of Modeling Team at Quantcast
 Michael  Snoyman
Michael Snoyman,
Lead of the Yesod development team
 Michael T.  Nygard
Michael T. Nygard,
Author of "Release It!"
 Mike  Lee
Mike Lee,
Produced Tap Tap Revenge, Obama '08, and Apple's Mobile Store
 Mike  Malone
Mike Malone,
 Mike  Solomon
Mike Solomon,
YouTube, Distributed Systems
 Morten  Kromberg
Morten Kromberg,
APL Expert
 Nolan  Wright
Nolan Wright,
CTO Appcelerator
 Paul  Fremantle
Paul Fremantle,
VP of Technology, WSO2
 Peter  Sirota
Peter Sirota,
 Peter  Van Roy
Peter Van Roy,
Professor at Université catholique de Louvain
 Pramod  Sadalage
Pramod Sadalage,
Co-Author "Database Refactoring" Principal Consultant Thoughtworks Inc
 Randy  Shoup
Randy Shoup,
former eBay Chief Engineer
No picture  Richard P. Gabriel
Richard P. Gabriel,
IBM Research
 Rick  Simmons
Rick Simmons,
Rally Software
 Robert  Altland
Robert Altland,
Principal Consultant at Neudesic
 Robert  Johnson
Robert Johnson,
 Rod  Johnson
Rod Johnson,
Creator of Spring
 Roland  Barcia
Roland Barcia,
 Ron  Bodkin
Ron Bodkin,
Think Big Analytics and Former Xerox Parc AspectJ Committer
 Ross  Mason
Ross Mason,
CTO & Founder, MuleSoft Inc
 Russell  Miles
Russell Miles,
Managing Director of Open Credo
 Ryan  Betts
Ryan Betts,
Sr. Software Engineer, Volt DB
 Ryan  Slobojan
Ryan Slobojan,
Tasktop and QCon SF Program Committee Member
 Sanjay  Radia
Sanjay Radia,
Co-founder of Hortonworks and Senior Hadoop Architect
 Sastry  Malladi
Sastry Malladi,
Distinguished Architect, eBay
 Scott  Fleming
Scott Fleming,
Engineering Practice Manager, Think Big Analytics
 Sean  Comerford
Sean Comerford,
Technical Lead, ESPN.com
 Siddharth  Anand
Siddharth Anand,
Netflix Cloud Architect
 Steve  Souders
Steve Souders,
Author of "High Performance Web Sites" & "Even Faster Web Sites"
 Steve  Vinoski
Steve Vinoski,
Distributed Computing Guru
 Stuart  Charlton
Stuart Charlton,
Director of Infrastructure & Operations and Chief eChannel Architect at Canadian Pacific
 Ted  Dunning
Ted Dunning,
Multi-project Apache PMC member and committer, Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies.
 Tim  Brown
Tim Brown,
Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks
 Tom  Lubinski
Tom Lubinski,
founder and CEO, SL Corporation
 Tyler  Jewell
Tyler Jewell,
VP Product Management for Oracle's Platform as a Service